April 15, 2021

What is special event security?

A special event can be defined from a small private event such as an exclusive party or opening to a major global event such as the Olympic Games or a World Cup. No matter the size or scale of these events, security is usually an integral part of the planning and organisation process and whilst you may see a visible presence of security staff at such events, a lot of the security work at a special event takes place behind the scenes and in the planning process.

Defining a special event

Event Security

Whilst a special event may involve small numbers of people attending a private party or a gallery opening for example, special events are typically defined by large crowds, attracted to the event in question.

These will often be held at sports arenas, university  campuses, music venues, corporate facilities, office complexes and other large properties. These facilities may have their own security staff for day to day operations, however, for special events, it is likely that they don’t have the capacity to effectively manage large crowds and potential security threats. This is especially true when these properties are the scene of a large music concert, sporting event or VIP visit. For these such events, it is very typical for a special security programme to be implemented and a specialist security company to be brought in to plan and manage security arrangements for such special events.

Designing a special event security programme

Behind every successful special event is a security programme that has been specifically designed for that event – a customised approach that considers every potential security risk and has a specific action in place to mitigate against those risks.

Preparation is at the heart of any successful event security programme and is not something that should be done on the fly. Understanding the venue and the audience is essential to the overall execution of the plan and that’s why it’s important to tailor the security requirements to each specific event. For example, the security planning for a heavy metal concert and a classical music concert may have the same principles but operationally mayl be totally different, even though the crowd size may be very similar.

When hosting a special event, you take on the responsibility for the safety of your audience and it is your responsibility as the host to ensure that you provide reasonable security measures in order to keep those visitors safe throughout their time at the event.

Special event security requires a multi-layered approach to security planning to protect the guests, property, and the venue. Here at The Chivalry Group, we bring a personal and comprehensive approach to handling all the necessary details to first meet and then exceed our client’s expectations.

The planning and delivery of event security can include the following services:

  • Event risk assessment
  • Event security planning
  • Event safety management
  • Event workforce management
  • Police liaison
  • Event supplier contacts
  • Media Liaison
  • Specialist advice such as barricade management
  • VIP arrival and departure protocols
  • Government liaison

The right personnel

Special events such as Olympic Games, World Cups and large Music Festivals will often require outside agency assistance in order to meet security demands.

Contracting security work for special events is extremely common and as well as benefitting from the additional security personnel for these large events, you are also contracting the expertise and experience of specialist security organisations, many of which have been involved in a number of special events around the world, where they are able to call on their experience to help deliver a security programme that is robust and tailored to the specific event.

In addition to in-house security staff and contracted security personnel, it may also be appropriate to call on the support of local law enforcement as well as alerting medical staff and the fire brigade. For many major events, ambulances will often be on site to help to deal with any potential problems quickly and effectively and it’s important that they are looped in at the planning stage, so everyone is clear about procedures for contacting medical response.

Managing the media

Managing the Media - Event Security

Special events draw a lot of media attention and they can place significant demands on event organisers that can change very quickly. Media coverage is essential for most special events and therefore media liaison is an important aspect of event security – media need to be accommodated and it is therefore often appropriate to assign a designated media liaison for large special events.

At The Chivalry Group, we understand the changing demands of the media and have seen first-hand how interest in a specific event can grow overnight. Our flexible approach means we are always ready to deal with increased numbers and increased demands, helping the event to run smoothly and ensuring it gets the press coverage that organisers want.

Planning and managing security for major special events

At The Chivalry Group, our security team will be involved in operational planning and liaison with local contacts and resources, adapting protocols to the attendee’s needs, fitting within their cultural expectations and leading the crisis management planning and execution when required.

It’s all about delivering a professional security service and ensuring your event is managed in a secure and successful manner while not intruding on the goals and ambitions of the event itself.

Whilst we have talked about the requirements for large special events, it’s also important to note that not all special events draw huge crowds. Financial meetings, diplomatic meetings and corporate gatherings are all special events that will often require a more discreet level of security, but no less planning. We have worked on special events across the scale and understand the need to deliver a customised and tailored approach and would be more than happy to meet and discuss your specific event security needs and requirements.

Our work

Whilst we cannot talk about specific events, we can say that we have worked in a number of environments in countries around the world, providing event security for a wide range of events – from major sporting events to smaller, high profile gatherings. Trust is built through our ability and expertise, to understand the individual needs of our clients and the operating environment and to ensure the highest level of security.

You can read more about our event security services and get in touch with the team today.

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