October 8, 2021

How much security is needed at an event?

Deciding on the amount of security needed at an event is one of the biggest decisions event organisers need to make when starting out at the planning stage of their event.

There are a number of factors that influence the number of security personnel that will be required at an event including:

  • Type of event – a heavy metal concert will attract a very different audience to a classical music concert for example
  • Alcohol – the presence of alcohol at an event significantly changes the potential for incidents and this should be factored in
  • Number of guests – the number of guests is the biggest determining factor in how much security you will need at an event
  • Venue – The venue also plays a big part in determining the security that will be required. There may already be existing security measures in place at the venue which need to be considered as well as the number of entrance and exit points.

These are just some of the factors that need to be factored in when planning the security requirements for an event.

When it comes to large scale events such as sporting events and music festivals where there are likely to be tens of thousands of people in attendance, other factors are also brought into play including police liaison, the use of CCTV as well as the number of entrance points that need to be managed.

The importance of security at an event

Security isn’t just for big concerts and festivals – it helps keep guests and staff safe at any event. A good security team will also help reduce the risk of damage to the venue, keeping those all-important costs down.

In many situations, security personnel are required to be discreet, often operating covertly so as to help those they are protecting lead as normal a life as possible without the obvious security around them all the time.

In the case of event security, this is typically the opposite. Whilst you may use one or two more covert security staff, a visible security presence helps to deter trouble before it starts as well as providing reassurances to the event guests about the overall safety and security of the event they are attending.

Benefits of security at an event

Having a visible security team at an event provides some of the following benefits:

  • Supervision – If anyone at the event is thinking of getting out of control or causing a scene, a visible security presence will remind them that someone is monitoring the event. A security presence may deter guests from creating a commotion.
  • Guest comfort – During your event, you will want your guests to be comfortable. A visible security presence can make guests feel more comfortable and safe.
  • Crowd control – A security presence can decrease the likelihood of chaos ensuing. Your security guards will encourage people to move if they are blocking exits or entrances when they linger to chat or take selfies. Security personnel can also help control lines, stop guests from cutting in line and prevent guests from venturing into areas that are off-limits.
  • Guidance in a high-stress situation – If there is a moment of high-stress or danger during your event, your security team can provide direction and guidance to your guests. Guests will be able to turn to uniformed and clearly identified security personnel if they need help.
  • Avoid intruders – The more publicised an event is, the more likely that uninvited people will show up. These uninvited people may attempt to get into the event and may intimidate or threaten your event staff. By hiring security personnel, you will have guards on site who are trained in dealing with uninvited individuals and are experienced in resolving these incidents.

How much security is needed at an event?

Now we understand a bit more about the benefits of security personnel at an event, we want to take a closer look at the requirements for different events and provide some broad guidance on the number of security staff that are required for your event.

Prepare for the unforeseen

No matter the size or type of event you are planning, it’s always best to think about the worst-case scenario in terms of what can go wrong. Whilst this is unlikely, that is still a scenario you need to plan for and consider how many security staff you would need to handle that situation.

For example, let’s say you are organising a party for a group of around 250 guests. Maybe there is a DJ or live music, and alcohol is being served. If you only have two security personnel working at the event – one on the door and one roaming – what would happen if a fight broke out? Could two security guards handle that situation? Probably not.

Preparing for the worst-case scenario may mean that you have a high number of security personnel working at your event, however, you have a responsibility to your guests to ensure they are safe no matter what happens at the event.

Event type

We’ve already touched on how the type of event you are planning will affect the security requirements and the type of event can definitely impact the number of security personnel required.

If you also take into consideration whether alcohol will be served at the event as well, and this can really help you to build a picture of the potential incidents that could occur at the event.

An easy example to consider is to think about two types of music concert. One is a heavy metal concert where alcohol is being served and the other is a classical music concert where no alcohol is served. Both have the same number of guests attending but the security requirements for these two events would be very different.

When alcohol is being served, we recommend doubling the amount of security that you would use for an event where no alcohol is served.

Planning your event security requirements

Whilst you might read about some rule of thumb numbers when it comes to the number of security guards required for an event, we prefer not to be that prescriptive.

Each event brings with it different risks and different scenarios, so instead, our expert teams of security specialists instead prefer to work with clients from the outset, planning in the specific requirements and creating bespoke security plans that are tailored to the event being planned.

Event security is about more than the hire of a security guard for an event. It requires a multi-layered approach to security planning to protect the guests, property, and the venue. We bring a personal and comprehensive approach to handling all the necessary details to first meet and then exceed our client’s expectations.

We are one of Australasia’s best when it comes to event security. Whether you are looking for security guards for a specific event, or you need security consultancy relating to a high-profile event, our experienced team will work with you to ensure your event minimises any security threats.

Find out more about our event security services and get in touch with the team today.

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