August 31, 2021

How to become a personal security specialist

In a challenging and volatile world, the need for personal security is increasingly important, requiring experience and expertise from within the security services industry.

The demand for personal security specialists is creating new roles within the sector and this is driving the interest in the personal and private security industry.

A personal security specialist will typically work across a number of disciplines including personal security, close protection, VIP protection as well as working as part of a team responsible for event security.

A personal security specialist will typically be responsible for protecting people and property from criminal activities and threats. The role is extremely varied depending on the client and the nature of the protection required.

It may involve escorting individuals to or from locations or monitoring activity from a stationary position. The role might also require covert surveillance and monitoring of closed-circuit TV monitors. Training is an essential part of becoming a qualified personal security specialist and most security companies will offer in-house training in order to provide you with the skills and expertise needed to become a personal security specialist.

Personal security CCTV monitor

Getting licenced

The Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010 (PSP&PI Act) covers the activity of those who provide security services either as a company, sole trader or employee. Compliance with the Act is the responsibility of the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority (PSPLA).

The purpose of the Act is to ensure that companies and sole traders offering specified private security and investigation services for hire, and personnel providing those services:

  1. Are suitably qualified to carry out that work, and
  2. Do not behave in ways that are contrary to the public interest.

The PSP&PI Act applied to the following services:

  • Property Guard: guards property and/or monitors burglar alarms, warning devices and cameras (roles defined as Security Officer or Monitoring Officer).
  • Crowd Controller: screens entry, keeps order and removes people if necessary.
  • Personal Guard Service: guards a specific person.
  • Security Technician: installs, removes, or repairs burglar alarms, warning devices, special locks and cameras.
  • Security Consultant: sells or gives advice on burglar alarms, warning devices, special locks, cameras and guarding services.
  • Private Investigator: obtains and supplies information about another person such as financial position, occupation or business, identity or whereabouts or personal character, actions or behaviour.
  • Repossession Agent: repossesses consumer goods on behalf of a creditor.
  • Confidential Document Destruction: collects and destroys confidential documents.

There are different requirements depending on whether you are a company, sole trader or employee of a security company. These requirements include:

Companies and Sole Traders

  • Must hold a licence for each class of service provided.
  • All staff employed who provide a security service must hold a Certificate of Approval (COA) or licence for that class of service.
  • Cannot employ staff to perform security services that are not covered by the Company/Sole Trader licence.
  • Must file an Annual Return for each year licence held.

Security Employee

  • Must hold a valid COA for the service provided.
  • Will need to demonstrate competency through training or skills.

If you want to work as a private security specialist, you will need to undertake the necessary training and achieve a certain level of competency in order to obtain your licence. You only need to train once. You don’t need to do it again to renew your licence or certificate.

On the job and pre-deployment training in many areas is not covered by a formal qualification but are bespoke solutions to meeting requirements.

On-going training

When you work at The Chivalry Group, you undertake constant and ongoing training in order to improve your skills and maintain the highest standards that we set at The Chivalry Group.

The role of a personal security specialist is extremely demanding, both physically and mentally and it’s important to manage and maintain both aspects on an ongoing basis. Our training programmes ensure you maintain a high level of physical fitness whilst our situational awareness training ensures you are mentally prepared for a wide range of situations that can develop whilst working on a specific job.

The Chivalry Group has a fully registered Private Training Establishment within its resources and we are pleased to offer comprehensive security and personal training at our industry-leading training facility.

What does a personal security specialist do?

Personal security staff

Once qualified and licenced, a personal security specialist will work either by themselves or as part of a team in order to protect individuals from potential threats, allowing them to go about their daily business safely.

•             Personal security services include:

•             24-hour protection personnel

•             Security drivers and vehicles

•             Operational planning

•             Crisis response teams worldwide

•             Logistics and travel assistance

•             Security clearances and consulting

•             Electronic debugging of hotels/locations

•             Media liaison

•             International specialists for offshore assignments

•             Female and Male operatives

•             Nightlife security protocols and resources

•             Concert security

•             Local security coordination

•             Airport and customs liaison

•             Police and local body co-operation

Working at The Chivalry Group

In our line of work, trust is everything. When it comes to the close personal protection of individuals or families, we have a strong track record of building long term relationships, based on trust.

We have worked in a number of environments in countries around the world, providing close personal protection to high profile individuals and families from a broad range of backgrounds. Trust is built through our ability and expertise, to understand the individual needs of our clients and the operating environment and to ensure the highest level of personal protection.

Get in touch with the team today to find out more about personal security specialist roles with The Chivalry Group.

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