VIP Protection Services

The Chivalry Group has extensive experience in VIP Protection Security, dealing with the world’s leading musical, entertainment, sports and diplomatic figures.

If you are a high profile public figure that requires VIP Protection, then we are the VIP Protection Security Specialists that you can trust.

Our VIP close protection team are made up of highly trained, experienced and professional security personnel. Our close protection officers understand the needs of our clients in the field of executive protection and work with their interests, objectives and personal safety in mind.

While maintaining discretion and confidentiality, we are able to make the movements of our VIP clients proceed smoothly and safely using the best available specialised security officers as well as local contacts, knowledge and intelligence.

While we are based in New Zealand and Australia, our security team are able to offer our VIP protection services in any area of the world you wish or are required to be in.

We have completed hundreds of operations for many of the most recognisable and important individuals in the world. These have included international tours with the world’s biggest musicians and tours with international sports teams from different countries attending multiple world cup events.

VIP Security Services include :

  • 24-hour protection personnel
  • Security drivers and vehicles
  • Operational planning
  • Crisis response teams worldwide
  • Logistics and travel assistance
  • Security clearances and consulting
  • Electronic debugging of hotels/locations
  • Media liaison
  • International specialists for offshore assignments
  • Female and male operatives
  • Nightlife security protocols and resources
  • Nanny accompaniment
  • Local security coordination
  • Airport and customs liaison
  • Police and local body co-operation
  • Media events
  • Fan interaction and autograph sessions
  • Diplomatic interaction with local dignitaries
  • Dealing with complex events such as the Olympics, World Cups and international leadership gatherings (civilian and military)
  • TV appearances
  • Court attendance
  • Nightlife liaison
  • Social media monitoring
  • Overt and covert surveillance
  • Anti-stalker protocols
  • Situational awareness training
  • Concert security
  • Local law enforcement coordination

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