March 16, 2021

What is VIP Protection and what does it entail?

The Chivalry Group has extensive experience in VIP Protection security and one of the questions we are asked the most is ‘what does VIP protection entail?’

For many people, their perception of VIP protection work is driven by what they see on the TV and in the movies – essentially all-action bodyguards who save the day by ‘taking a bullet’ for their client.

The reality is quite the opposite.

VIP Protection is all about planning and anticipation and allowing your client to go about their day to day lives with as little fuss and interference as possible. A good VIP Protection Officer will melt into the background, providing discreet protection and anticipation any problems before they arise.

Who is VIP Protection for?

As the name suggests, a VIP is anyone that requires a high level of protection, especially when out in public. At the Chivalry Group, we work with the world’s leading corporate, musical, entertainment, sports and diplomatic figures, offering close protection services that are bespoke to each individual client.

VIP Protection not only considers the individual, but in many cases, the wider family and assets.

Whilst the use of the term VIP typically reflects people in the public spotlight, we also work with individuals who may have had some sort of threat against them. These individuals may not be ‘well known’ in the public domain, however it is our responsibility to keep them safe and enable them to carry out their day to day activities, neutralising any potential threats and giving them the confidence to carry on as normal.

What does VIP Protection work entail?

Close Protection VIP

The role of a VIP Protection Office is varied and bespoke to each individual job. There are some specific traits that are important to every VIP Protection job and these are essential for all VIP Protection Officers:

Detailed Planning

As we’ve already touched upon, the role of a VIP Protection Officer is to remain out of sight and provide discreet protection to a client. In order to deliver a discreet service, detailed planning is required at every level from logistics and travel assistance to local security coordination.

A lot of the work carried out by our VIP Protection Officers is in the planning stage, ensuring every potential situation is mapped out and providing solutions to different scenarios that could develop.

Our VIP Security Services are wide-ranging, and you can discover more on our VIP Protection page.

Excellent communication skills

Good communication skills are an essential asset of any VIP Protection Officer. Being able to convey clear and precise instructions, no matter who you are dealing with, is essential. During the planning stage, VIP Protection Officers need to ensure everyone, including the client, understands the protocols for the specific event.

There will also be times when things move quickly whilst on the job. You may need to quickly re-route due to unforeseen circumstances and in this situation, clear and concise communication is essential for complete clarity.

What makes a good VIP Protection Officer?

In addition to good planning and communication skills, a VIP Protection Officer will also be trained in basic medical skills, tactical response training and potentially firearms training.

Discretion is another key trait of VIP Protection work – a client needs to feel completely comfortable in the presence of their Protection Officer as well as feeling safe and secure. This all comes from good communication skills and the ability to convey a sense of being in complete control of every situation.

Anticipation is another invaluable trait – spotting potential threats before they develop and making sure all bases are covered in order to protect a client without compromising safety and security.

Working with the Chivalry VIP Protection team

With over 100 years’ experience in our executive team, we are New Zealand’s leading provider of VIP Protection services. If you would like to find out more about the services we provide and meet with the team to discuss a tailored approach to your security needs, get in touch today and we can arrange to meet and talk through our bespoke VIP Protection services.

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