Private Security | NZ and Australia

One of our growing parts of the Chivalry Group is in the highly confidential area of private security. We have the expertise, experience and the right people to quietly assist you with your private security needs.

Private security can take a variety of different forms involving a number of different security consultants and personnel. This enables us to cater to a wide range of situations, demands and threats which can include but are not limited to threats from disaffected individuals, external operators, environmental threats and more.

Private security allows you to operate with the peace of mind professional protection. It’s a threat deterrent and a preventative measure. It can include 24-hour surveillance and ensures fast response times. It allows you to go about your life and/or business in a safe and secure way.

Every example of private security is unique and our team will sit with you and discuss your needs and requirements. Whether it’s private security for yourself, your home, accompaniment for travel, covert protection, security personnel for your family while you are away - there are solutions available.

Services in private security (NZ and Australia) include :

  • 24-hour protection personnel
  • Security drivers and vehicles
  • Operational planning
  • Crisis response teams worldwide
  • Logistics and travel assistance
  • Security clearances and consulting
  • Electronic debugging of hotels/locations
  • Media liaison
  • International specialists for offshore assignments
  • Female and male operatives
  • Nightlife security protocols and resources
  • Nanny accompaniment
  • Local security coordination
  • Airport and customs liaison
  • Police and local body co-operation

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