Security Consulting Services

The Chivalry Group is one of New Zealand’s leading security consulting firms. We have an experienced team of dedicated specialists with a wealth of security expertise to consult on your situation and requirements. We are able to conduct risk assessments and determine your exposure to threats to make sure you can efficiently and economically meet your business objectives and personnel obligations.

Today's compliance requirements and the volatile world in which we live sees individuals and companies placed under enormous pressure and scrutiny to do what is right from a security and safety standpoint.

Protecting your people, your business and your brand has never been more important. Ever-increasing interconnectivity and spreading of information through social media or otherwise have contributed great good to society, but at the same time, incredible damage can be done to you and your business in a very quickly if mistakes in security protocols are made and vulnerabilities not addressed.

Being prepared and utilising experienced consultants in the security sector is vital to ensuring smooth security processes and procedures are put in place and followed.
Organisations also need to be able to anticipate and react to unusual and unexpected circumstances.

With our extensive experience in the field, we’ve encountered a wide variety of situations like these in the past. This enables our consultants to assess situations and formulate plans, taking into account the variables that may arise.

As a security consulting firm, we are here to listen and talk through the most challenging scenarios that our clients face. Whether that be travel to extreme locations, protests against individuals/business, kidnap and ransom situations, maritime security, family threats, internal division or any other conflict or threat - we will be your sounding block and provide you with the detailed and specific security advice that you need to ensure safe and effective solutions.

Our security consulting services cover the following security divisions:

  • Intelligence and protection strategies
  • Risk assessment
  • Health and Safety
  • Operational Planning
  • Internal procedures
  • Staff training
  • Critical incident management
  • Independent testing of your process

Please feel free to contact us for our client references spanning a wide range of industries and sectors.

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